How to disaccustom the kid to hands

How to disaccustom the kid to hands

Often parents, trying to calm the crying child, take him on hands and carry, shaking and entertaining. Until the child small, such method is acquitted – the baby has to feel heat and care of close people. But if the matured kid demands that he was taken on hands, it already lack of independence.


1. Do not give in on children's whims and hysterics. The child has to learn to have a good time independently, to cope with emotions and experiences. Establish a certain daily routine and strictly follow it – the kid has to understand that in some hours mom or dad always play with it, pay it attention, can caress and work something interesting. Also accurately it has to accept need of a daytime and evening sleep, bathing, food, etc. If the child requires attention, and you are busy at this time, then it is necessary to tell it about it, but not to rush on the first shout, being enough it for hands and entertaining. The kid learns to operate you by means of whims therefore try not to give in on his actions.

2. Try to rock to sleep less often it. If the child falls asleep at you on hands, then then, having woken up, he can be frightened of the fact that he is in other place, in other situation. Accustom the kid that since the birth he sleeps in the bed – you can sit next, swing a bed, hold the child for the handle.

3. Create to the child the most comfortable conditions for a dream. If in its room the night lamp burns, then it has to be muffled. But it is better to accustom the child to sleep without light. Then in the afternoon, having veiled curtains, you will give to the kid a signal that it is time to go to bed. Moreover, in the dark room children calm down quicker and fall asleep.

4. Be able to distinguish true crying from whims. The child can cry when he is hungry, something hurts him, he was frightened, wetted panties, etc. In these cases you have to satisfy, first of all, needs of the kid, at the same time it is possible to take him on hands. Stop whims at once – if it is boring for the child, then offer him a toy, shake a bed, turn on other side, etc. You learn to communicate without constant carrying the kid on hands – stack it on the developing rug, include musical toys, you carry on the house on a carriage. If you are in kitchen, then put a children's armchair or a sun bed in the room – the kid will see you, to feel that you are near, and you will be able to go about the own business. Accustom the child to independent games gradually that he did not feel deprived and rejected.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team