How to disaccustom the one-year-old child to night feeding

How to disaccustom the one-year-old child to night feeding

Free feeding means applying of the kid to a breast so many time and in such time in what the child demands, including also night hours. But sooner or later before mom there is a question of how to finish feeding at night.


1. Night applyings to a breast at free feeding are not excluded: growing up, the child has to refuse them. Help the kid, but make it in several stages. On each of them the week, perhaps, month or more time can be required. If the child slept together with you, try to translate for a start him to night in a crib. To many kids such distance helps to sleep and wake up better much less often. That it was not really convenient to the baby, try to feed at night sitting.

2. If the kid woke up at night, help it to fall asleep independently. For this purpose approach a bed, but do not take the child on hands, do not swing, do not stack with yourself. Just talk to him by an equal, soft voice, slightly stroke on a tummy, a back to calm. You do not depart until the kid begins to doze again. It is even better if to other of the family dad or someone approaches a crib, for example, the grandmother at night. Let will try to shake the baby, will suggest it to drink. You come to the rescue only when at them it is impossible to lull the child.

3. To replace night feeding with a breast, find drink with which the child will fall in love. It can be children's tea from a camomile and fennel with addition of lime color, mint, a melissa. Such teas calm kids and improve a dream. It is possible to suggest the baby to drink plain water from the favourite mug or a small bottle.

4. Tell the kid that all people, toys and animals sleep at night, how in general well strong and to sleep peacefully. Practice before going to bed walks or active bathing that the child was tired. In this case the kid will sleep at night, of course, more strong provided that he is full.

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