How to disaccustom the teenager to smoke

How to disaccustom the teenager to smoke

In the modern world smoking – one of the most widespread problems among youth. Teenagers quite often try to look adults and therefore smoke, use foul language, drink and even address drugs. Sometimes it is very difficult to parents to notice it, and to eradicate addictions in the beloved offspring at all it is unreal.


1. Pay your attention that most of smokers earn this bad habit at teenage age. Statistically, the decision to take a cigarette is influenced by the people surrounding the child. The fact is that it is difficult not to repeat after parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances. So it is better to think of the future kid initially.

2. If the trouble did not manage to be avoided, it is necessary to find a way which will help the teenager to leave off smoking. First, you as parents, you can control pocket money of the child. Of course, the teenager can cut down the expenses in one place and find necessary funds for cigarettes. In that case you can take under control its financial expenses completely at all. However, making up the mind to such responsible step, do not forget that the teenager can find other way to get money. Perhaps, it will be even worse …

3. One more quite widespread way to disaccustom the child to a cigarette is moral support. Here this is not about a various talk and councils, admonitions and intimidations in which it is told about harm of smoking. You should not think that the youth does not know about consequences. On the place of parents it is better to render psychological assistance to the child. Perhaps it had some diffidence, problems. Try to cause trust in the teenager.

4. The position "itself will throw" is wrong. Of course, there are cases when the teenager just matures and understands the delusions. However many remain heavy smokers to throw it is not represented to whom impossible at all. So you should not start this problem.

5. And still – even if your child claims that in day only one cigarette is necessary for him, do not relax. Much more important that how often he addresses tobacco smoke. If it became a habit, then further he will smoke let on one cigarette a day, but throughout all life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team