How to disaccustom the teenager to smoking

How to disaccustom the teenager to smoking

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Many parents face a problem of teenage smoking. If you caught the child with a cigarette, then the given councils will be useful to you


1. Having found the child with a cigarette in teeth, you do not hurry to make row, to call and lecture. Show how strongly you are upset and depressed. Quietly talk to the teenager what was the reason to undertake a cigarette? often teenagers take alcohol and cigarettes to be forgotten, distract from problems. Perhaps, in his life something befell.

2. You will try to tell in paints about this addiction, and it is better to give a bright example, it is possible to watch together the special movie about harm of smoking.

3. Perhaps, the teenager was influenced by friends, often children try to smoke for the company not to lag behind peers. Tell that once fashionable habit to smoke, lost the importance long ago. In fashion the way of life, good appearance, ability of to give are healthy. Rich and famous people who are concerned about the image, I consider this nasty habit below the level.

4. It is a high time to induce the child to do sports, active dances. Today there is a set of various sections, allow it to choose one of them. Active physical activities, are badly compatible to smoking. Often the organism just rejects nicotine. Suggest the child to open for yourself something brand new, to gain new skills, to be improved both morally, and physically.

5. You should not forget about that fact that if someone from family members smokes and at the same time tries to condemn the teenager for it, nothing will leave. Begin with yourself. Own family set a bad example, and parents the main image for imitation.

6. There is more rigid way to disaccustom the child it is necessary to smoke, apply it in case all psychological tricks do not work, and the teenager frankly revolts. Many parents disaccustomed children to cigarettes, forcing to smoke a pack at once. Unpleasant feelings which followed it forever beat off desire, will touch cigarettes.

7. If your efforts at last yielded positive result, the child assures that he forever got rid of this addiction, you should not relax. It is necessary to watch vigilantly the child did not undertake a cigarette again. In fact, it is not so difficult to leave off smoking, more difficult not to begin again.

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