How to disaccustom to a bottle and a pacifier

How to disaccustom to a bottle and a pacifier

By the end of the first year of life the sosatelny reflex at children gradually dies away. At this time he can be disaccustomed to a bottle and a pacifier. This process has to be painless for the kid.


1. Choose for parting with these attributes suitable time. Sucking of a dummy has the calming effect, time when the kid is ill is not suitable for disaccustoming from it. Have patience, not at all kids this process proceeds without serious consequences. Begin preparation, explaining that it already rather big for a pacifier. Show on the example of dad, the sister or other relatives that adults do not suck a dummy.

2. Remove a pacifier far away from a visibility range. If he begins to be capricious, distract him any toy or the book. Try to make so that the kid with what that was busy all the time. The need for a nipple will gradually decrease, it will be possible to remember it it only before going to bed.

3. Gradually you depart also from "somnolent" influence of a pacifier. Put it on a pillow near it and explain that she was tired too and wants to sleep. As soon as he ceases to ask it before laying, suggest to present favourite "soothing" to other child who is still very small. Then remove far away do not show any more.

4. For drink many children cannot leave a small bottle quite long time, sometimes up to 3 years. In order that the kid ceased to drink from a small bottle, begin to accustom him to a cup after 6 months. At first you give to drink to him from a tea spoon, then let tries. Of course, at the beginning the child will spill liquid, have patience and continue training.

5. Get to the kid a bright mug-poilnichek. Play with it, "you will sing" from it him favourite toys. Process will be interesting to him and soon he will learn to do without small bottle. And then remove from a feeder the top part with openings for liquid - and already your kid drinks from a cup.

6. It is better not to take old advices of grandmothers - to smear a dummy or a pacifier from a small bottle with something tasteless, for example, mustard. It can strongly upset the kid. Process of disaccustoming has to be followed by positive emotions. Also do not hold up as an example other children who already refused these objects. Otherwise at the child the inferiority complex can be formed.

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