How to disaccustom to a breast

How to disaccustom to a breast

Feeding by a breast - wonderful time. But also it once comes to an end. To disaccustom to the child's breast often it becomes difficult. Therefore mom during this period needs to stock up with patience.


1. Make the firm decision to disaccustom to a breast. Do not doubt its correctness for a minute. At this moment it is more difficult for the kid than you several times. If you fluctuate and deliberate, the child will feel your spirit at once and will be strongly capricious and cry then you should make concessions and to give it a breast.

2. Do not change clothes at the child at all. He should not see an object of ""sufferings"". Nothing has to remind him of it. Put on blouses with a stand-up collar, or a cut under the throat, but not with an open decollete.

3. Distract the kid in different ways. Especially when he feels need for sucking of a breast. It will be better if these minutes near the child there is other person - dad, the grandmother, the aunt, etc. In this case it will be easier to disaccustom to a breast.

4. Do not drink a lot of liquid. Otherwise the breast will be strongly filled with milk and there will be painful feelings. You can have a desire to be decanted, but to do it is not necessary not to cause the next inflow of breast milk.

5. If you need to complete urgently breastfeeding - use tablets for suppression of a lactation. Before application consult with your doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team