How to disaccustom to a breast after a year

How to disaccustom to a breast after a year

Excommunication of the child from a breast and transition to usual food for many becomes a problem. To facilitate this process, it is necessary to consider physiological and psychological features of the nursing mother and kid.


1. Try to feel correctly suitable time for full breaking of the child from a breast. Averagely need of the kid for sucking begins to decrease from 9 months and completely disappears by 3.5 years. Besides, by a year the child already receives a various feeding up which is capable to provide its organism with necessary minerals. Therefore after a year the sucking of a breast passes from need into a habit, psychological dependence both the child, and mother.

2. Disaccustom the kid to a breast gradually. For a start replace day feeding with a breast with other product. Then evening and morning. As a result there will be feedings only before day and night dreams. Over time refuse also them. There have to pass about 5 - 7 days before the following cancellation chestof feedings.

3. Change feeding "ritual", for example, change the place of meal. Distract the child from a breast toys, songs and other entertainments. If the kid is capricious and cannot calm down within half an hour then, he still is psychologically not ready to refuse a breast and mom whenever possible should continue breastfeeding.

4. Transfer time of breaking of the child from a breast if the kid got into a stressful situation – when to it, for example, did vaccination or he is sick, it cuts teeth. In hot weather it is necessary to give to the kid so much breast milk how many he asks. The best time for refusal of breastfeeding – spring and fall. It is not necessary to leave during excommunication from a breast to the feeding woman the house because for the kid it will be a double stress.

5. Do not deceive the child such words as "Milk was spoiled" and t. item. If he makes sure that you are wrong, and everything remained, as before, that even at such small age at him the first doubts will begin to creep in that adults can deceive him and desire to check all your words will begin to develop.

6. Keep confidence when made the decision to refuse feeding by a breast. The child can feel your remorse which is absolutely inappropriate. Fence off yourself and the kid from negative opinion of surrounding people on the breastfeeding termination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team