How to disaccustom to a joint dream

How to disaccustom to a joint dream

The joint dream with the kid is very convenient during breastfeeding. The corporal contact, a smell and heat of mother give to the baby a sense of security. When the child is nearby, mom has too an opportunity to get enough sleep better since she does not need to get up to him at night to feed or calm. But sooner or later the kid it is necessary to accustom to sleep in the bed.


1. As a rule, the question of resettlement of the child in own bed is brought up when he is two years old. That this process took place easier and more without serious consequences, try not to dramatize a situation. Your tranquility and confidence will surely be transferred to the kid. First it is possible to put a crib closer to a berth of parents, and it is possible to allow the kid most to choose its arrangement. Agree with the baby even if it will seem to you not really convenient.

2. Do not forget about the nightly rituals preceding withdrawal of the child for sleeping. Not less than for an hour stop outdoor, noisy games before, read the kid the book, sit, having strong embraced. If the child cries, clings to you, refusing to sleep one, give to the kid the chance to express the negative emotions. If you do not shame him for such behavior, then show sympathy, tell that you understand how he is upset that you are sorry for it. Your words will work on the kid soothingly. Try to explain to the child that only mom and dad and when he grows up together can sleep and marries (will marry), will sleep with the wife (husband) too.

3. Let the kid will choose a toy to sleep together with it, having embraced. Include a night lamp with soft, soft light. If the child suddenly wakes up at night, having seen a familiar situation, it will be easier for it to fall asleep again. Invent some fantastic story about the kind magician, the fairy who comes to children at night to protect their dream. Tell that kids who sleep in the bed grow at night quicker.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team