How to disaccustom to a mat

How to disaccustom to a mat

In the course of the development the child adopts many, sometimes not always good, habits at adults. Including, the kid can begin to use foul language. If it occurred in your family, the main thing, not to become puzzled, not to begin to roll up hysterics, and to quickly stop this bad manner.


1. If your kid absolutely the baby also pronounced a swear word, and then with interest waits for your reaction, you should not do it strict suggestion. He just learned a new word and wants you to notice it, wants to see your reaction. Perhaps, you found for the child not enough time, perhaps recently, he wants to receive from you new - negative emotions. To disaccustom the child to this habit, just choose another for which you will abuse him, it is kind of strange did not sound. The kid as a result will receive that he wants, and will not use at the same time indecent expressions. For example, you can lecture him for the fact that he throws books on a floor or watches TV after eight in the evening excessively strictly. The main thing – do not forget to frown at the same time that everything looked really.

2. Children are more senior already understand that by means of mats it is possible to express the emotional state. At kids of five-seven years the lexicon is still small therefore they with pleasure use new words. Help your child – prompt it words which it will be able to express joy, rage, pain, despair. Then the indecent expressions overheard from adults just will not be necessary for it.

3. It is much more difficult to disaccustom to swear children of preadolescent and teenage age. At this time the little person seeks to be approved in the world, to prove that he is already adult and independent. And strong expressions are one of ways it to make. If you were credible and hold authority with the child, just have with it a heart-to-heart talk. Tell that you would not like to hear such expressions of the house that in some places to swear simply unacceptably (school, shop, policlinic). You speak with the teenager as the adult – so you reach him much quicker.

4. Certainly, all these methods can help only if you do not use indecent expressions. If any of your members of household can rugnutsya by a strong mot, no methods will help you to convince the child that what is possible for dad, is forbidden to it.

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