How to disaccustom to be called

How to disaccustom to be called

To disaccustom it is possible to be called the child of 4-5 years still an old "antiquated" method – who is called, that so is called. But it is applicable only among peers, that is parents can influence process only indirectly, having instigated any of friends or fellow students. There are also other ways of influence.


1. Most often malicious obzyvalshchik are punished by children – they or cease to communicate with them, or (it is bitter, but facts of life!) deal shortly with it – the last has positive effect in 95% of cases. Therefore sometimes just leave the beloved child in the company of peers and wait result. The effect is reached quickly, however, at the price of moral sufferings. But such is life.

2. The following option will be suitable for those who have patience and want to keep process under control: begin a game in "obzyvalka". Verbal aggression is an exit of negative emotions, here and it is possible to teach the child to release them in more civilized ways. For a start suggest it to pick up a lexicon on vegetable subject (pickle, a mushroom marinated) and do not forget to praise for each thought-up "obzyvalka". It is possible to pass to fruit and florets (sour lemon, a sluggish rose) further. Usually what is not forbidden bothers quickly. Also this game will bother. And with it and the aspiration to be called.

3. The most essential moment in the course of breaking of children from the use of offensive language – to exclude an imitation factor. In the house, offensive expressions and statements to anyone should not sound. And further – a conversation on the eternal subjects "What Is well and that It Is Bad", but with emphasis that "in our family it is so not accepted". It is very important – at the child the feeling of accessory is strongly developed, and, therefore, traditions of family are most essential to it.

4. Here also one more important quality – ability to oppose itself to crowd, to conduct the analysis of moral values independently and to consciously choose behavior model is cultivated. Generally, following the offered behavior model, you not only disaccustom the child to be called, but also will lift his self-assessment. Minus of a method is that it is the longest way demanding patience, patience and once again patience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team