How to disaccustom to be capricious

How to disaccustom to be capricious

Most often parents face children's whims when the child endures the next age crisis. One of such periods – "crisis of three years". At this time the kid becomes uncontrollable. He does not obey, irritated, is capricious and often cries.


1. Your kid during walk or visit of shop demands to buy it a toy, a ball, the car, etc. At the same time, having been refused, he aches, shouts, stamps legs or falls to the ground? You do not hurry to respond to such behavior of the child with anger. Try to get up on its place, to listen to the baby. Perhaps, he was tired of day impressions, or just tries to draw in such a way your attention. Try to wait a hysterics, having allowed the kid to express the disappointment and rage. Then you can tell: "I see that you are really upset. Car and truth good. Let's approach and we will look at it closer?" Often such decision quite suits the child. Most likely, it needed not the next machine, but mother's attention and caress. The baby will calm down, and you will manage to explain quietly to him why you cannot buy this toy right now. Offer the kid other possible options: to get it another time, to sweep on a carousel, etc.

2. To disaccustom the kid to be capricious, try to concede to him in trifles. But firmly stand on the position in the questions concerning safety and health of the child and other people. Behave with it as with equal. You speak to the baby thanks, ask permissions, always explain where and for what you go with it. Allow the kid to do everything independently, helping only when he does not cope. Never criticize him for awkwardness and mistakes. If the child is capricious, refusing to collect, for example, toys, suggest to make it together. Most often kids with pleasure respond to such appeal.

3. Sometimes children are capricious with boredom. The small child is not always able to occupy himself, and therefore begins to ache and cling to "a mother's skirt". Devote to the kid more time, encourage for manifestations of an initiative. Whims at children are often provoked by hunger and fatigue, both physical, and emotional. To avoid it, always plan all affairs, games and walks with the kid so that to manage to feed in time him and to put to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team