How to disaccustom to be picked a nose

How to disaccustom to be picked a nose

It is unpleasant to someone, and try to fight against it, and it not too concerns someone. But nevertheless, if at the child the kovyryaniye in a nose turns into a resistant habit, parents usually seek to disaccustom him.


1. The habit to pick a nose happens not only at children, but also at adults. Some researchers (for example, in the USA) even consider that from time to time nearly 90 percent of people, i.e. practically any person are engaged in it.

2. Try some time not to pay attention. It is better not to abuse the kid that some complexes were not developed. Happens that this temporary phenomenon which passes if not to "be obsessed" with it. If the child ceased to pick a nose, it is possible to notice it and to praise.

3. Look whether there are no objective reasons, for example, banal cold or congestion of a nose. Happens that in the room too chilly and hot and mucous a nose dries up. Then it is better to air the room or to use a humidifier. If you cope with the reason, and the investigation can disappear by itself.

4. Just in case check whether something got stuck in a nose: button, small toy or detalka and t of the item. In that case it is necessary to see a doctor.

5. Look whether nails are shortly cut. It is necessary in order that the kid was not wounded until he got rid of a habit yet.

6. Try to distract the child. Find some interesting and useful occupation which at the same time will occupy to it hands. Work needlework, hand-made articles, it is possible to wash together the dishes, to clean up the room, etc. If to occupy the head and hands with something interesting, then usually do not remember a nose and vice versa - with boredom it is possible any habit to get.

7. If all above-mentioned does not help, just talk to it. Softly, without pressing on mentality, explain that it is not really beautiful, and can laugh at it.

8. And, at last, make sure that it is not that exceptional case when at the child this neurotic manifestation is similar to plucking out of eyebrows and eyelashes, wrest of hair, etc. It meets infrequently, but the help of the expert can be necessary here.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team