How to disaccustom to mix

How to disaccustom to mix

Need of a supplementary feeding of the child dairy mix arises in case there is not enough maternal milk for good nutrition. With age the kid needs many various food products, and porridge or dairy mix from a small bottle do not satisfy his requirements any more. Besides sucking of a pacifier can badly affect further growth and development of teeth. Process of breaking of the kid from mix difficult, demands forces and time.


1. Before disaccustoming the kid to mix surely consult with the pediatrician. He will prompt to you whether it is worth refusing to the child mix now or nevertheless it is necessary to wait a little. Here everything depends on extent of physical and psychological development, emotional readiness of your child for the beginning of breaking.

2. Try to choose favorable time for breaking from mix. Do not forget that at the kid teeth can be cut through at this time, then his whims will be connected with feeling sick. Do not combine breaking with stresses like moving or emergence in family of the younger child.

3. At first replace mix with milk or various fermented milk products. Do not forget that the kid has the tastes and not always they coincide with your flavoring preferences. Provide to the child to make a choice from a variety of fermented milk products. Over time you will understand what most of all is pleasant to the kid.

4. Give to the child water, freshly cooked juice and fruit drinks. Diversify its food, then he will understand that there is something much more tasty than mix. Every day cook for the kid new dishes that mix bothered him quicker, and he refused it. You enter fruit into a diet of its food.

5. Buy the child special ware that he could eat independently. Such process will bring to the kid a lot of joy and positive emotions.

6. Remove all small bottles the house far away from the child's eyes. You watch yourself and do not drink from bottles. Pour always liquid in cups, set an example to the kid. Explain to him what from a mug to drink much more tasty, than from a small bottle. If the child does not perceive a mug, then try to use a feeder. You feed the child before going to bed, then he will not wake up at night and to ask mix.

7. Do not give in on various manipulations of the child – whims, shouts, complaints. Be quiet, patient and sure that at you everything surely will turn out.

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