How to disaccustom to roughness

How to disaccustom to roughness

Even small children can tell an offensive or bad word. The children's roughness often nonpluses parents. It is necessary to understand the reasons of similar behavior and to try to disaccustom the child to roughness.


1. Analyze a situation, talk to the child and try to find out why he so behaves. Sometimes children just cry out offensive words, subconsciously feeling their negative coloring, but up to the end without understanding value of similar phrases. Thus they express discontent, anger or offense. It is quite possible that they just copy similar behavior, having seen similar in kindergarten or on walk in the park.

2. If the little rude fellow has younger sister or the brother, then the roughness can be a consequence of children's jealousy. Try to find identical amount of time for both children. Talk to the child and tell that he has nothing to worry, and you also strongly love him as well as before appearance of the kid in family.

3. The best means to disaccustom children to roughness is a personal example. If you afford tactless or even cruel attitude towards the child, in reply receive similar communication. Talk to him as you want him to talk to you and to surrounding people. Teach him to be polite, to respect others opinion and to tell "thanks", "please", "excuse".

4. Talk to the child, explain to him that using rough and bad words, he offends people. Tell that rude fellows are pleasant to nobody and if he behaves so further, then nobody will begin to be on friendly terms and communicate with him.

5. You do not shout and are not rude to the child in response to his impudences. He tries to draw with often similar behavior your attention to himself and to enrage you. Having seen that you broke, the child will begin to be insolent and snap even more. Never use force. Physically punishing children they cannot impart respect. You will only intimidate by it or will embitter the child, but will not make him polite. Only a sincere talk, explanations and a personal example will help you to smooth the conflict and to disaccustom the child to roughness.

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