How to disaccustom to smoking of the child

How to disaccustom to smoking of the child

The significant share of adult smokers is made by the people who became addicted to this addiction in the childhood. If your child also undertook a cigarette, it is necessary to work immediately and resolutely. It will be much more difficult to throw at mature age to him.


1. To begin to fight against children's smoking, it is necessary to reveal previously presence at the child of this habit. It is quite possible that in its pockets, a portfolio you will find neither cigarettes, nor lighters - it can take all this from friends. At the same time the little smoker will make everything that no proofs in him were found. Much more sure sign - a tobacco smell. It can proceed both from the child, and from his things. If from his mouth does not smell of tobacco absolutely, and the clothes exhale this smell, so he does not smoke itself, but long is near the smoking peers. It is harmful too.

2. Do not show photos of lungs of the smoker - among school students there is a hearing that these pictures are counterfeit and are created for the purpose of intimidation. You do not shout at the child, do not try to punish him, do not frighten by a campaign to the psychiatrist - it you will only increase his aspiration to a forbidden fruit.

3. The main occasion to begin to smoke, for children the desire to look the adult is. But the child for certain wants not only to mature, but also grow up rather. Explain to him that the second is impossible to those who began to smoke at early age. Give examples of the acquaintances who appeared in such situation. Sometimes it happens quite enough.

4. Children's desire to become strong can become other argument which parents can adopt. That peers offend weak children it will not be required to explain to the child - he knows it also. And here that with a cigarette it is possible to remain weak forever he can not guess. Explain it to him.

5. On the girl both previous arguments can not work. Not everyone they seeks to become strong and high, and many of them heard from girlfriends that nicotine helps to lose weight. Tell the daughter that from such way of weight reduction skin, especially on a face quickly grows old. Show it pictures of girls which smoking took similar to old women already at 25-year age. Tell that the smoking women are reluctantly taken in marriage, especially tall and strong non-smoking men.

6. Tell what the smoking children all the same looks funny, comical young children, and the solid adult remains to that and without cigarette. Acquaint the child with a concept of an inferiority complex - let will become thoughtful whether it concerns and to it. Pay its attention to the smoking children homeless children, ask whether they look, according to it, adults. Then somehow give to it examples of scientists, athletes who do not smoke.

7. And most important: if you smoke, finish it immediately. Otherwise any attempts to disaccustom to smoking of the son or the daughter will be unsuccessful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team