How to disaccustom to sucking of a finger

How to disaccustom to sucking of a finger

Sucking of a finger is one of the most widespread habits at children of early age. In such a way the child tries to get rid of negative emotions. For certain many parents at least once with it faced and asked a question what measures to undertake. Sucking of a finger negatively influences a bite and formation of the lower jaw of the child, appearance of stomatitis is also possible.


1. It is necessary to find out the cause of a habit. It can be discomfort, a stress, nervousness. For example, when the child is accustomed to sleep in the separate room. In this case it is necessary that someone from parents stayed nearby, read the fairy tale until he falls asleep. It is possible to allow to take a favourite toy, it will add to the kid of tranquility and confidence. Often the child sends a finger to a mouth when he is in loneliness when it is boring for it. Therefore it is important to parents to pay to the child at most of attention, together to read books, to draw, play, watch cartoons.

2. It is important to observe the child at what moment he puts a finger in a mouth and to distract its attention, or to try to offer an alternative: kids about one year can give a pacifier, to children is more senior - drying. It is impossible to reproach the child for this habit at all, to deride him, to use force to pull out a finger from a mouth. It is necessary to work extremely delicately not to do harm to mentality of the kid and not to aggravate situation.

3. The child needs to explain well why he has to refuse this habit. To tell that if he sucks a finger, teeth will incorrectly grow. It is necessary to talk quietly, to love, accurately dividing the kid and his habit. You should not intimidate the child, it will not bring benefit, and will only cause additional alarm.

4. The finger of the child goes to a mouth automatically therefore the reminder is necessary. The bright sticker pasted on a finger can serve them if the kid quickly removes it, the plaster cut on thin strips and pasted in different directions will approach. It is possible to apply a varnish coat on a nail "nekusayka". It is not necessary to smear with pepper or mustard, this hand the child can rub eyes.

5. If independently it is impossible to get rid of this habit, then it is necessary to address the children's psychologist who will have a talk with parents, will define the true reason of a problem and will find ways of its decision.

6. And the most important, you remember, it is hard for child to refuse the habit, he can feel emotional discomfort therefore during this period give it the maximum quantity of time, heat, caress, encourage and support the kid.

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