How to disaccustom to theft

How to disaccustom to theft

Children's theft — the phenomenon rather widespread. Similar manifestations meet even at children from very successful families. It is impossible to disregard them. Independently the child will not be able to get rid of this defect.

It is required to you

  • - attention of parents;
  • - consultation of the psychologist;
  • - consultation of the psychiatrist.


1. Children of early and younger preschool age quite often take the things which were pleasant to them without demand. It yet not theft because the kid of this age often just does not know, than the differs from the stranger. The earlier parents will let it know it — the better. The younger preschool child takes a toy because it was pleasant to him. He has at all no purpose to take it for ever. He usually quietly gives the machine or a ball to the owner when plays enough. So quietly the child of this age leaves also some own toys if they bothered it.

2. Explain to the kid more often what to take others without demand — it it is bad. The machine was bought the neighbour's boy who very much will be upset if it appears at someone another. If the child does not understand why it is impossible to take others, hide somewhere for the period of its favourite toy. He by all means will feel how it is offensive when the favourite bear disappeared. After a while return a toy and explain that if the kid takes others toys — the bear will take offense and will escape absolutely. The child of younger preschool age sacredly believes that so it also will be. Seize this game moment.

3. From the earliest age the kid has to see that the adults surrounding it never and steal nothing. Even if someone from people around has an opportunity something sometimes to bring from work — advise it to refuse this habit. Otherwise you will bring up the pilferer who will consider that to take others — it is good and correct. The child can grow up the cynic who will consider that it is possible to tell one, arriving at the same time in the opposite way.

4. If the child of the advanced preschool age or even the school student began to steal, show him to the psychologist. The fact is that theft can be symptom of some serious mental disorders and even a symptom of a number of diseases. Make sure that the child is healthy.

5. Analyze all cases of theft. Think whether something is not between them the general. Situations are very different. It is very important to know that the child and from whom steals. It can take money only from one family member or a toy — at one of children from group. It is very possible that the kid wants to draw attention of this person. He periodically pulls out contents of a fatherly purse, but at the same time does not touch a mother's handbag. Advise this family member to give more attention to the kid. If the child takes away toys or things from the companion on group, think whether he envies this child. Ask the psychologist of kindergarten to analyze a situation in group.

6. In the described cases the child, as a rule, steals without any intention. It is not going to use the stolen things. Often the kid just hides them. Its purpose is to draw attention and, perhaps, to touch "offender". But cases when the preschool child perfectly knows what to do with a toy or money are frequent. He steals with the purpose to appropriate others. It is quite possible that the child just dreamed of some thing, but you bought nothing similar to him. In this case apply other methods. For example, having found a new toy in the little pilferer, but at the same time without having found at itself in a purse of some sum of money, tell that you were going for them to buy and why now you cannot make it. It is necessary to work carefully, avoiding direct charges. If the child is really guilty, he will think of deeds. It is very good if you were going to buy something to him. He received something not in absolutely lawful way — means, owes something and lose.

7. Ask the child from where he took a toy. Investigate a situation up to the end. If the kid says that to him it was presented by the friend — be not too lazy to ask the neighbour's child and his parents. It is possible that the child shaken by your persistence himself very quickly admits everything. Do not leave him a toy. You will throw out it or hide. In the latter case you receive means by means of which it will be possible to stop similar manifestations and further. Will be to show this toy in a similar case enough. But you remember that it is very strong means and it is possible to use it only in exceptional cases.

8. For the next holiday present to the repentant child so desired to it a thing. Let it will resemble, but another is a little, it is even better, than stolen. Explain that you well worked, you had spare cash and you can buy it now what he so long dreamed of.

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