How to disaccustom to whims

How to disaccustom to whims

Each parent to some extent faces whims of the child. The kid becomes angry, pouts, does not hear your addresses, reacts refusal or crying to all arrangements. Try to keep calm and to understand why it occurs.


1. First of all, try to analyze what the child's whims are connected with. Such behavior the baby shows that to it it is bad: terribly, offensively, painfully, alone, etc. The reasons can be a little, and the solution will depend on them. Children at the age of 2-3 years often are capricious to check reaction of parents. In such way they try various ways of impact on dad and mom. React to behavior of the child quietly, but do not follow his tastes. Reason the requirements to the kid, the main thing - be consecutive. If the baby understands that she whims will achieve nothing, then after a while to it it will become uninteresting you to test.

2. Too large number of restrictions and bans happens one of the reasons of children's whims. The kid tries to learn the world around, and hears constants it "is impossible". To it forbid to run, jump, shout, throw quickly stones into a pool, to touch a neighbour's dog, etc. How here not to revolt and to be capricious! Think, whether everything what you refuse to the child, actually dangerously and harmfully? Try to reduce the list of restrictions and more often to offer the baby an alternative. For example, instead of stones, be thrown by the balls crumpled from the newspaper, throwing them in an empty box. Explain what with foreign dog can be played, having only asked permission his owner. The kid does not want to have dinner - do not insist. Nothing terrible happens if he eats a bit later when he plays enough.

3. Communication with parents is necessary for the small child. Being capricious, he tries to draw your attention in such a way. Try to communicate with the kid more: together play, read, you walk, involve the baby in household chores which he can do. If he is nervous when at it something badly turns out, support the child, offer the help. Even if you are very busy, during the day choose time which you devote only to it. Remember that communication of the kid with parents at early age is a key to the trusting, friendly relationship between them in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team