How to dissolve cefazolin for the child

How to dissolve cefazolin for the child

Cefazolin is a polusentetichesky antibiotic of the first generation. Works bakteritsidno. It is active in relation to a large number of microorganisms: staphylococcus, streptococci, pneumococci, colibacillus, salmonellas, gonokokk and other pathogenic microbes. Cefazolin differs from other antibiotics in the fact that the effective amount of medicine remains in an organism till eight o'clock. It has high activity and is not toxic on from carrying to an organism.

It is required to you

  • Novocaine, or physical solution.
  • Instructions of the doctor.


1. Cefazolin is entered intravenously and intramuscularly. To children appoint intramuscular introduction of medicine. For this purpose it is diluted with specially prepared water for pricks or novocaine. Children up to 18 years are not recommended to dilute medicine with novocaine because of its contraindications. Novocaine can provoke change in composition of blood, deterioration in work of digestive organs, failure of a warm rhythm, breast pain.

2. If the child has sore kidneys, or he tends to an allergy, then it is necessary to inform the doctor. As medicine can cause allergies and adversely affects kidneys. The mode of dispensing is set individually, taking into account disease severity and sensitivity of the activator.

3. Consider on kilogram of weight of the child. Generally to children dilute 0.5 grams of medicine on 5 milliliters of physical solution. Gather 3.5 milliliters in the syringe and enter. An average daily dose for the child of 25-50mg/kg of body weight. At the heavy course of a disease the dose can be increased to body weight 100mg/kg.

4. If after all to your child prescribed cefazolin with novocaine, then it is necessary in out-patient conditions to remove test on sensitivity to novocaine. If allergic reaction was not - medicine can be pricked.

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