How to dissolve children's mix

How to dissolve children's mix

Now counters of shops and supermarkets are filled with the various range of dairy mixes. All of them are intended for feeding of children of chest age in case of a shortcoming or lack of maternal milk. Children's dairy mixes are most adapted for breast milk. However it is worth remembering – how correctly you dissolve children's mix, health of your kid depends.

It is required to you

  • Separate capacity for sterilization of children's ware.


1. Before preparing dairy mix, prepare ware for the kid and adaptation which will be used in the course of preparation. These are various small bottles, cups, spoons and even the small pans which are specially adapted for children's feeding. Carefully wash them in boiled warm water, it is possible by means of baking soda as she is capable to destroy harmful bacteria. For washing of hard-to-reach spots, for example, of a small bottle bottom, use special brushes.

2. Further it is necessary to sterilize the tanks intended for feeding of the kid. Boil children's ware: bottles, nipples, fasteners, caps, spoons and special syringes. Sterilize tanks and devices in the same ware, do not use it for other purposes.

3. After thorough preparation of capacity for dairy mix it is possible to start its preparation safely. Surely read on the label of a product about structure, a way of preparation and about proportional amount of mix. It is necessary to part it, strictly observing instructions of the producer of this product and also the rule of hygiene. Health of the kid - above all.

4. There are mixes with various mode of preparation. Some are just diluted with warm boiled water, others need to be troubled boiled water. Optimum temperature of the dairy mix ready to the use should not exceed temperature of a human body, that is 36 degrees. According to a national method, check of temperature of any children's food is made in very simple way – drip several droplets on the palm back, thereby having defined whether it is possible to feed with it the child or it is worth cooling a little more.

5. You store already divorced mix in case it was not used in full quantity, in the fridge, but no more day. In it harmful bacteria can remain and breed all the same. At the room temperature the experts advise to store the divorced mix no more than two hours. However cultivation of dairy mix just before process of feeding of the child remains the best option. In this case you prevent reproduction of bacteria in baby food and will secure your kid.

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