How to distinguish autism at the child

How to distinguish autism at the child

The state at which the person is in extreme extent of self-isolation is called autism. How to distinguish the first symptoms of this disease at the child to address experts and to help the kid to feel joy of communication with the world surrounding it?

Children from the first days of life need tactile contact and persistently try to draw attention to themselves. However to the child with autism, on the contrary, is more comfortable in a bed. Having come to be on the adult's hands, he tries to escape, in every possible way avoiding corporal contact.

The baby does not react to parental tender words and even to loud sounds, unexpected bright flash of light. The cradles of a toy suspended over a headboard do not occupy attention of the child, remain invisible to it. It seems that at you the little thinker entirely plunged into considering of a certain universal problem lodged in the house.

The kid is too quiet, inactive. He does not know natural children's curiosity. He is not a researcher and even not the observer of life around himself. The child does not hurry to report about the problem loud and exacting shout, as usual it is done by children of its age. On the contrary, crying of the baby monotonous, monotonously. It is capable to make long similar lingering sounds, finding in them pleasure for itself(himself). In process of growth the kid lags behind in development peers more and more considerably. Pronounces the first words absolutely incoherently, without trying to put phrases and to inform of the desires adults. The speech for it is not the communication medium, but only a set of sounds. He is not capable to call a word action or a subject. With toys the baby can sit for hours, monotonously displaying them in a row or a circle, on one to it to the known plan. A game more reminds a ritual, than usual children's entertainment. The child ignores all attempts of parents to interrupt these studies and to learn something new. The kid is practically always suppressed and puzzled some unknown surrounding with a problem. He observes no pronounced emotional splashes. He is equally indifferent to a praise and punishment. For the child there are no events, worthy impassioned reaction or special attention.

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