How to distinguish children's neurosis

How to distinguish children's neurosis

Parents often do not pay due attention to changes in behavior of their child. For this reason it is necessary to know the most common symptoms of children's neurosises, the earlier it will be possible to find a problem, the quicker and easier will be to eliminate it.

Statistically, about 90% of graduates of schools suffer from any given forms of neurosises. Neurosis is a reversible disease which the easiest to eradicate at its first stages. Therefore, the earlier parents will pay attention to the existing problem, the it will be simpler to overcome them it.

Each type of neurosis has the symptomatology

1. A neurasthenia (asthenic neurosis) – the most widespread disease. It is shown in excessive irritability, weakness, fatigue and drowsiness. The brightest symptom is violation of a cycle of a dream wakefulness: at night the child cannot fall asleep, and feels fatigue in the afternoon and wants to go to bed quicker.

2. Hysteria is shown in the aspiration of the child to draw attention to itself in any ways. At hysteria the child can unjustly cry, laugh, shout. Besides, physiological violations can be observed: faints, suffocation attacks. "flight in a disease" is observed - the child likes what happens to it that began to pay it a lot of attention.

3. Neurosis of fear includes the most widespread children's fears, but differing in too big duration of emotional influence (of 2-3 months) and difficulty of eradication of fear.

4. Obsessivno-kompulsivnoye frustration. Obsessiya are the notions of compulsion and the ideas, phobias; kompulsiya are persuasive movements, rituals (for example, excessively frequent and thorough washing of hands).

5. At hypochondriac neurosis there is an exaggeration or inventing of symptoms and attributing to their most dreadful diseases.

It is necessary to address the expert at detection at least of several of symptoms. It is necessary to remember: the earlier parents will show activity in the help to the child, the it will be easier for it to overcome the illness. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team