How to distinguish false pregnancy from real

How to distinguish false pregnancy from real

False pregnancy - rare psychoemotional frustration. It is characterized by all symptoms of usual pregnancy. At the woman the toxicosis develops, periods stop and even the stomach grows. Such state can last long enough, sometimes business reaches even false labor pains. How to distinguish, the real pregnancy from false?


1. To diagnose false pregnancy rather difficult. All signs that the woman will become a mom soon are present in full. There is nausea, morning vomiting, thirst for some products and intolerance of others. Mammary glands increase, and even colostrum can appear. At false pregnancy the volumes of a stomach increase or at the expense of the increased development in an anterior abdominal wall of hypodermic cellulose, or due to increase in a uterus. Sometimes the woman even clearly feels stir of "fruit", it occurs due to change of work of intestines.

2. Only the gynecologist can diagnose false pregnancy. At survey of a uterus if there are suspicions on the fact that pregnancy false, the woman additional inspections are appointed: ultrasound examination of a uterus, biological and immune diagnostics, X-ray analysis of an abdominal cavity.

3. The first sign that pregnancy not real for the doctor serves absence at the patient of the formed placenta. It is natural what is absent at false pregnancy and a fruit, but if the patient addressed to clinic "on early" terms, then at usual gynecologic survey in a chair without ultrasonography the doctor can not always judge lack of a fruit with confidence. Also such signs as softening and increase in a uterus are not characteristic of false pregnancy. In certain cases it can be increased also at false pregnancy, but softened she is not.

4. On early terms diagnostics of this state can be performed only by means of a X-ray analysis and ultrasound if "pregnancy" contains more than three months, then and standard gynecologic survey will help to obtain reliable information.

5. To independently establish that your pregnancy false, it is almost impossible. Even the test for pregnancy not always shows negative result.

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