How to distinguish fights from harbingers

How to distinguish fights from harbingers

Besides labor pains, pregnant women can test ""false"" fights which can take for the presents. Actually they can be distinguished on some signs, the irregularity and lack of increase of intensity of reductions of a uterus, main from which.

It is required to you

  • - warm shower;
  • - observation of an interval between fights and their intensity;
  • - observation of pain in the lower part of a stomach and a waist;
  • - observation of vaginal allocations


1. Training fights (Braxton Hicks's fights) represent reductions of muscles of a uterus from half-minute to 2 minutes. These fights begin after the 20th week of pregnancy and can appear several times a day. Their purpose – preparation of a uterus and neck of the uterus for the forthcoming childbirth. With increase in term the training contractions can be painful and cause to the woman discomfort.

2. The main difference of training fights of the presents that the real fights will lead to childbirth, and training will be passed through some time.

3. If you began fights, try to calm down and lay down. Accept a convenient pose and try to fall asleep. You should not lie on a back not to break blood circulation. Or take a warm shower. If it is training reductions of a uterus, then they have to take place soon.

4. False fights harbingers differ from the presents in the irregularity. They can repeat through different periods and not amplify. At suspicion of labor pains, note time. The real fights will increase on duration and pain, and the interval between them will be reduced.

5. At training fights only turns into stone a stomach. At the real fights begins to pull a stomach bottom, a waist, the sacrum hurts. There is an aching pain similar to pain at menstrual bleeding.

6. If at skhvatkoobrazny pains there was blood from a genital tract or partial release of liquid which can be a poddtekaniye of amniotic waters, urgently call an ambulance. At training fights never there has to be blood.

7. If harbingers appear every day and haunt you, prevent to get enough sleep normally and cause strong discomfort, address the gynecologist observing you.

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