How to distinguish harbingers of childbirth

How to distinguish harbingers of childbirth

Already several months proceed your pregnancy. With alarm and fear you wait for the kid. Of course, he will be the most beautiful, healthy and clever. That it occurred, it is necessary to be prepared for childbirth in advance, for this purpose you need to know how to distinguish harbingers of childbirth and to be able most to define their symptoms.

What is harbingers of childbirth?

Harbingers of childbirth are a set of all those physiological changes which happen in your organism just before childbirth. Process of emergence of new life is followed by such physiological processes as disclosure of a neck of the uterus, advances of a fruit of the child on patrimonial ways, and your organism has to be prepared for it in advance. It is necessary for successful course of childbirth that fabrics of patrimonial ways became rather elastic, the neck of the uterus has to reach the correct prenatal position, and its length to be cut by half. The fruit head before childbirth falls and nestles on an entrance to a small pelvis. All these changes in an organism take place some days before childbirth. The beginning of these changes is also the first harbingers of childbirth.

False harbingers of childbirth

It is possible to take change of a hormonal background of the woman for the beginning of harbingers of childbirth. In the pregnant woman's organism the production of hormone of the progesterone providing normal course of pregnancy, a good tone of a uterus, production of cervical slime and other necessary functions sharply decreases. Instead of it the organism increases production of female sex hormones – estrogen. Women's hormones are responsible for elasticity of patrimonial ways of the woman, and at achievement of a certain concentration of these hormones in an organism there is a nervous impulse serving as a signal to start labor pains.

There is a wish to warn hypochondriac women that all symptoms of harbingers of childbirth can pass in the weakened look when pregnant women can not notice them against the background of the emotional or physical state. The absence or course of symptoms of harbingers of childbirth, imperceptible for the woman, is not pathology and cannot be the cause of the emergency address to the doctor. Emergence of harbingers of childbirth is not a guarantee that in the next few hours or day you will become a mom. Everything depends on the individual structure of an organism, the course of course of pregnancy and on many other factors. As practice after you had first harbingers of childbirth shows, before appearance of the child on light can take place from two hours to two weeks.

Dangerous symptoms at which emergence the urgent address to the expert is necessary

  • severe pain in a stomach,
  • bloody allocations from a genital tract (irrespective of their quantity),
  • high temperature (it is above 37.5 °C.),
  • the jump of arterial blood pressure is higher 130/80,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • visual impairment,
  • heartbeat increase (over 100 beats per minute),
  • significant increase in hypostases,
  • suspicion on dribble of amniotic waters,
  • termination or sharp reduction of stir of a fruit or sharp increase in its activity.

How to distinguish harbingers of childbirth?

Decrease in body weight. To well controlled indicators of the first harbingers of childbirth serve decrease in body weight that happens because of reduction of production of hormone of the progesterone responsible for accumulation of excess liquid in an organism. Decrease in puffiness because of loss of liquid can be easily noticed that it became easier for you to put shoes on or it became easy to put on a close ring a finger. Loss of weight before childbirth can reach 2.5 kg.

Change of a chair. Loss of liquid can be followed by ease and increase up to 2-3 times in day of a chair. More frequent desires with simultaneous appearance of nausea and vomiting have to be of defecation the cause of the immediate address to the expert.

As harbinger of childbirth serves emergence of feelings which in a popular speech are called "omission of a stomach". These feelings appear owing to omission of a bottom of a uterus which on the eve of childbirth accepts the most favorable to it position. This process is followed by increase of urination because of increase in pressure upon a bladder.

  Allocation of a mucous stopper serves as one of symptoms of harbingers of childbirth. In the course of pregnancy of gland of a gleam of a neck of the uterus constantly emit the special secretion serving as a protective barrier from penetration of bacteria into a uterus cavity. Before childbirth the canal of a neck of the uterus is slightly opened and mucous liquid comes to light. Process can take place in one stage or gradually within a day. During this period of the pregnant woman it is recommended to refrain from acceptance of a bathtub, visit of the pool, and to limit hygienic procedures to a shower.

Appearance of predvestnikovy, training or false contractions also is reliable sign of harbingers of childbirth. These fights are manifestation of single reduction of a wall of a uterus, and do not cause disclosure of a neck of the uterus. During such fight the stomach to the touch becomes firm, and after the fight – completely relaxes. False contractions, unlike the presents – patrimonial, differ in painlessness, irregularity and quickly pass, without causing deterioration in a condition of health of future mom. Are shown within several days before childbirth, usually in evening or morning hours. This phenomenon is frequent is followed by discomfortable feelings of the pulling character in a waist, a sacrum or a bottom of a stomach. It is connected with stretching of pelvic sheaves and rush of blood to the area of a stomach.

The main thing, you have to acquire that you should not be afraid of the listed changes in your organism, them it is necessary to know and listen well to the state before childbirth, and then your child will be born beautiful and healthy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team