How to distinguish stir of a fruit at pregnancy

How to distinguish stir of a fruit at pregnancy

Development of a fruit is conditionally divided into 2 periods. The first of them – embryonic – lasts from the moment of conception to the 8th week of pregnancy inclusive. The second – the fetal period – begins after the 8th week and comes to the end with the child's birth. At this particular time the fruit becomes more similar to the person and shows rough activity. The embryo begins to move, thereby declaring the existence.


1. It does not mean that till 9th week of maturing the kid is absolutely immobilized. On the 7th week the embryo, more similar to a tadpole, than on the person, begins to move. However there is it imperceptibly for future mom. The germ floating in amniotic waters during this period is so small that it almost does not reach uterus walls why its movements during this period are not perceived.

2. Somewhere from 9th week the grown-up fruit, times natykayas on uterus walls, changes situation. However and these movements happen almost imperceptibly. the 16th week allocates future kid with sound feelings. He can hear the speech, music, distinguishes a maternal voice. During this period advise pregnant women to listen to good classical melodies.

3. On the 18th weeks at a fruit the grasping reflex begins to develop. Besides it begins to react to foreign irritants. Having heard an unpleasant sharp sound, the fruit can recoil. When mom irons a stomach, the kid will try to be driven into the corner a uterus, trying to be closer. Since 19th week, the pregnant woman is already capable to feel movements of the kid. If pregnancy not the first, then it can happen earlier.

4. Mothers who have experience of incubation of the child already know how it occurs. They notice familiar feelings much earlier and from 14th week can already watch movements of an embryo. The sensitivity of movements and a physical condition of a body of the pregnant woman are interconnected.

5. Excess weight can weaken feelings. Slender women are more sensitive and perceive movements of a fruit before corpulent ladies. At the mothers leading active lifestyle, recognition of the movement of an embryo is weakened. Those who only learn pleasures of motherhood have a vague idea of what it is necessary to wait for.

6. Those who already had these feelings equate feelings of the movement to pushes from within. According to others, trembling in a stomach or easy trembling is felt. Usually the activity shows a fruit in the evening or at night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team