How to distinguish the Japanese diapers

How to distinguish the Japanese diapers

The Japanese producers with great attention treat environmental friendliness and safety of objects of use. Recently in Russia the Japanese diapers were available for sale. They quickly gained trust of the Russian mothers, thanks to quality of materials of which they are made.


1. The Japanese producers, along with production of diapers for domestic market, make products for export to other countries. Quality of material from which they are executed, much lower. The diapers exported to China and Malaysia are made of cheaper raw materials and absorb liquid much worse. However, you will be able easily to distinguish the product intended for other countries. On the diapers created for domestic market, all information is written only in Japanese. While the export option contains descriptions in the most widespread international languages. The design of packings of the Japanese diapers changes the producer at least time in half a year. It allows to reduce quantity of fakes in the market.

2. The diapers executed for sale within the country are equipped with special indicators. With their help you will be able to define at any time whether it is time to change means of hygiene. Indicators look as the thin strips allowing to measure by eye the moment when time to replace a diaper came. Depending on extent of filling, color of the indicator changes from yellow to blue.

3. The Japanese option of products is made separately for boys and for girls. At diapers for boys the absorbency in front is increased while the option for girls is strengthened from below.

4. The diapers realized within the country are equipped with rubber elastic bands. Besides, it is much more of them, than in export products. Such protection against course is especially important for active children.

5. As for hygienic features, one of the main pluses of the Japanese diapers is special tenderness of material. It is made by means of an innovative method of creation of viscose fiber. Material is formed by means of an air flow. In other countries use an old way in the course of which, the viscose cloth is formed by means of a press.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team