How to distinguish the sanguine person, the choleric person, the melancholiac and the phlegmatic person

How to distinguish the sanguine person, the choleric person, the melancholiac and the phlegmatic person

In psychology it is accepted to distinguish four main types of temperament: sanguine person, choleric person, phlegmatic person and melancholiac. Quite often also the mixed types when the person in some situations behaves as the choleric person, and in others, for example, as the phlegmatic person meet. In these cases speak about the prevailing temperament type.

What is temperament?

The term "temperament" has Latin origin and in translation means "ratio". Hippocrates living in the fifth century B.C. was the first scientist who defined four types of temperament. He considered that the person contains four liquids: sangius (blood), flegma (phlegm), chole and melas chole (yellow and black bile respectively). The type of reactions of any given person, according to Hippocrates, depends on what liquid prevails. During the subsequent eras the types of temperament divided into strong and weak. Strong – the phlegmatic person, the sanguine person and the choleric person, weak – the melancholiac.

The sanguine person is sociable and mobile

It is simple to distinguish the sanguine person from owners of other types of temperament. This is, as a rule, the sociable person who easily adapts to a situation. He is mobile, he has an expressive mimicry. At the sanguine person the mental processes are replaced easily and quickly therefore overfatigue almost never threatens him. The sanguine person easily meets with people and quietly leaves them. He well copes with any negotiations, but is much less successful in the affairs demanding assiduity and the constant tension of forces. Processes of excitement and braking at sanguine persons and at phlegmatic persons are counterbalanced.

The phlegmatic person - at all not the idler

At the phlegmatic person the mental processes arise and are replaced slowly. Of the owner of this type of temperament in general it is characteristic small activities. He not too quickly reconstructs, badly adapts to the changed situation. On it he needs quite long time. Externally his temperament is shown that the phlegmatic person is inactive, speaks slowly, his mimicry is expressionless. It is hard to exasperate him, but the one who manages it, usually very strongly is sorry then because to stop the phlegmatic person also difficult, as well as to excite. Characteristic feature of all owners of this temperament – persistence, persistence, aspiration to finish begun before end. The phlegmatic person – the reliable partner in life and the business partner who usually strictly meets arrangement conditions.

The choleric person - the person who is fond

At the choleric person the mental processes arise and are replaced promptly. This is the quick-tempered, but easily appeased person. He easily is fond, but also quickly loses interest if it was not succeeded to achieve instant success. However, the choleric person thanks to the assertiveness and aspiration to put all forces in what to him interesting, quite often achieves excellent result. He is sharp in communication, is initiative, vigorous, but the rough surge in activity very quickly is replaced by indifference. Excitement at the choleric person prevails over braking.

The melancholiac is concentrated on experiences

The melancholiac treats weak psychological types. He tends to excessively deep experiences even then when there are no reasons for it, it seems. Its feelings are steady, but externally are almost not shown. At the owner of this type of temperament the braking prevails over excitement. The slightest counteraction unsettles the melancholiac. The timidity and indecision are peculiar to it, he is very vulnerable Owners of this type of temperament prefer individual work as collective.

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