How to distinguish training fights

How to distinguish training fights

Training (false) fights appear at women on different terms of pregnancy. They prepare a uterus for future childbirth, but are not patrimonial activity as do not influence disclosure of a neck of the uterus. At the end of pregnancy it is important to distinguish them from labor pains in due time to go to maternity hospital.


1. The fight represents the reduction of walls of a uterus within several seconds accruing and the weakened tension in a stomach which at such moments seems to some women stone. Training fights, or Braxton-Hicks's fights, can begin with the 11th week of pregnancy and last before its termination.

2. To distinguish false contractions from patrimonial, remember several them characteristic signs which can be defined independently: weakness; painlessness; irregularity; short duration, a considerable period between fights; lack of rhythm; the termination when changing situation (if to turn over on other side, to rise, walk, etc.).

3. It is difficult to establish the nature of fights only on feelings therefore take hours and trace duration of each fight and time between them. Accept a warm, but not hot bathtub or a shower: false contractions will cease, and patrimonial will amplify. Drink waters or to tea, walk in the fresh air: training fights will calm down.

4. If Braxton-Hicks's fights give you an inconvenience and unpleasant feelings in the bottom of a stomach, accept No-Spa or candles with a papaverine: they reduce the raised tone of a uterus and are shown to pregnant women on any term. Against the background of their reception the false contractions will stop, and patrimonial will develop.

5. The most right criterion of difference of training fights of the presents – disclosure of a neck of the uterus, but it is possible to define it only on medical examination. If the nature of fights raises at you doubts, visit the obstetrician-gynecologist observing your pregnancy.

6. If you do not feel training fights, do not worry: it is normal as the organism of each woman is individual. Besides, they can be shown differently, for example, pain can arise not in a stomach, and around a waist.

7. Remember that Braxton-Hicks's fights – normal physiological process, also you treat them calmly. But if they disturb you, see a doctor to be kept and prevent premature birth.

8. When the intensity of fights increases, they become painful, regular with an interval of 10 and less minutes, bloody allocations, pain in a sacrum and a waist appear, go to maternity hospital: most likely, you begin childbirth, and your kid will be born soon.

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