How to distract the child from the computer

How to distract the child from the computer

Computer games and free floating on the Internet win more and more admirers among children. The dependence takes the different forms, quite often parents should resort to the help of children's psychologists. Begin to win respect of the child to pull out it from the virtual world.


1. Communicate with the child more. Do not wave away from children's questions, kind of you were not tired. Having come from work, at once ask the child to make to you fresh tea. Get tasty delicacies and have a talk with the child in the course of the joint tea drinking.

2. The virtual world replaces to children who are deprived of communication with parents, the world real. There it is easy to solve any problem, to build up the relationship, and everything can also just be thrown and to begin anew with other people. This imaginary ease and colourful illusions tighten the young person, he begins to be afraid of reality.

3. You speak with the child more, discuss your affairs, plans, problems that the younger member of your family had the right to vote and was wide awake. Having conceived to make repair, to change furniture, to buy the car, spread out a pile of catalogs on a table and consult on all the house.

4. If you are sincerely interested in opinion of the child and to listen to his reasons, he will seek to run away much less to the virtual world, real life is interesting and eventful.

5. Be not fond of "house" entertainments too – television, solitaires and videos. Be going with the child to the street – to build snowmen, to run on skis, to plant plants, to ride a bike. Buy equipment for campaigns with spending the night (tent, lamps, a thermos, a kettle and other useful things). Unless the child will exchange an opportunity to sit at a fire, listening to your stories about the childhood, on the computer?

6. Organize competitions, for example, who will quicker learn to roller-skate or will build the most high castle of snow. Think up a prize which will get to the winner. It can be a trip to aquapark or the "abrupt" bicycle.

7. You do not hurry, the result of your actions can be shown not that hour. The main thing, do not give up attempt to pull out the child from virtual space. Gradually the child will begin to find real life with the real events and adventures more interesting, than a computer game.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team