How to distribute education of the preschool child between parents

How to distribute education of the preschool child between parents

Low wages in the sector of education made the dirty deed – men do not go in tutors and teachers. Therefore since early childhood children risk to be left without standards of the correct male behavior if these samples they do not see the house, in the relations with dad. It is especially important for children of preschool age. How to distribute education of the preschool child between parents?


1. So it developed historically that the man most often sets as the purpose earnings of money for needs of family, completely trusting children to the spouse. It is bad when the man absolutely keeps from education processes – it seems, and children are and only at the living dad living in family, the father they do not see. The woman in such conditions becomes imperious and exacting in the attitude towards children because the father who does not direct children usually is not able to direct the wife also. And children since childhood do not see that the man has to be significant and authoritative. Especially badly it affects future family life of boys. Therefore despite deficiency time, try to allocate certain hours for communication with the child.

2. It is clear, that most of fathers has no lot of free time, especially if their work is responsible and does not allow them to relax and not to think of anything in time off. Therefore mother has to realize that it is unreasonable to demand equality of a contribution of time to education of the child. However time which the kid spends with dad has to be special. Every week the family has to have some events which all hold together – picnics, zoos, skating, trips to giving, visits of cinema or theater. After each such event discuss it in all details, tell about what was pleasant or was not pleasant, together make plans for future joint activity. Sometimes these actions have to be only with dad that the preschool child could enjoy communication with dad in private. Thinking of men differs from women's therefore to the child it will seem unusual and interesting after communication only with female tutors and mom.

3. It is impossible to shift only to dad or to mom questions of punishments. It handicaps the punishing parent, manipulation, i.e. a game in "bad dad" and "kind mom" or on the contrary turns out. Therefore discuss punishments among themselves and support each other. It is an unpleasant side of education, but, alas, necessary. And here it is necessary to divide responsibility and to make decisions together.

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