How to do articulation gymnastics

How to do articulation gymnastics

Main objective of articulation gymnastics is elaboration of the correct movements and provisions of articulation bodies which are responsible for correct pronunciation of sounds. Success of business in many respects depends on systematicity of classes which need to be held daily. Holding trainings 3–4 times a day on 2–3 exercises will be the most effective.

It is required to you

  • - mirror;
  • - chair.


1. Before passing to the choice of exercises and their performance, understand the main recommendations. Each task chosen by you has to repeat the child not less than 5-7 times. If the complex belongs to static type, it is carried out for 10–15 seconds.

2. Build a chain of exercises from simple to difficult, organizing carrying out in playful way. From 2–3 tasks one can only be unfamiliar.

3. Work is carried out sitting, such situation allows to hold exactly a back and to relax a body. The child surely has to see the adult's articulation, it is better if he is able to watch also the reflection in a mirror.

4. Begin a complex with exercises for lips: - hold lips in a smile so that teeth were not visible; - extend lips a tubule; - close teeth, round lips and slightly extend them forward so that the lower and top cutters were visible; - close teeth, raise an upper lip and bare the top cutters.

5. Development of mobility of lips: - extend lips a tubule forward, then stretch them in a smile; - move the lips extended by a tubule to the right-to the left and rotate around; - pull in cheeks inside, sharply open a mouth. It is important that when performing the sound of "kiss" was made; - send the air exhaled by a mouth to lips with such force that lips began to vibrate. As a result the sound similar to snorting of a horse has to be formed; - inflate both cheeks, then inflate cheeks serially.

6. Complex of static exercises for language: 1. Widely open a mouth, quietly put language in a mouth. 2. Widely open for Roth, lift a side and first line of language so that it did not concern zubov3. Open a mouth, you oboprit a tip of language about the lower cutters, raise a back of language up. 4. Open for Roth, bend side edges of language up.

7. Dynamic articulation a complex for language: 1. Slightly open a mouth, stretch lips in a smile, a tip of narrow language serially reach for mouth.2 corners. Open a mouth, intense language reach for a chin and a nose or for the lower and top cutters.3. Close a mouth, rest intense language alternately against those and other cheek.4. Close a mouth, circle with language between teeth and lips.

8. Work on mobility of the lower jaw: - widely open and close a mouth so that corners of lips stretched. Lower a jaw by distance of width of 2 fingers, do not put out tongue; - on "time" lower a jaw, on "two" — move a jaw to the right, on "three" — lower a jaw in a starting position, on "four" — the movement to the left, on "five" — lower a jaw, on "six" — push forward, on "seven" — reach a comfortable position. Carry out exercise slowly, avoid sharp movements.

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