How to do children's hair

How to do children's hair

The hairstyle for the child has to be beautiful, convenient and simple performed by. And if with short hairstyles of problems usually does not arise, then girls with long curls need more labor-consuming laying. Beautiful long or semi-long hair can be braided in braids, and to lay on holidays in an elegant hairstyle.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush with rare teeths;
  • - spray or laying cream;
  • - elastic bands and hairpins;
  • - hairpins;
  • - electrocurling tongs.


1. The hair needs to be done on clean hair. That they became more obediently, use spray or laying cream - it is possible to find the special means for children which are not containing parabens, alcohol and mineral oils in sale. Put a small portion of means on all length of hair, locks will become smooth, will cease to be fluffy and scattered.

2. Try to braid a beautiful braid cone, it will be suitable both for straight lines, and for a curly hair. Comb hair of the child and separate rather narrow lock it is necessary a forehead. Divide it into three parts and begin weaving, with each perekidyvaniye of locks adding to them small portions of hair from bulk. Having reached the top, it is possible to fix a braid by a flat hairpin, having left other curls dismissed - such option will be especially beautiful on a curly hair of average length.

3. If you want to take away all hair, continue weaving to a nape. Then pass to the simple spit from three locks. Having finished, fix the end by a decorative elastic band. It is possible to arrive differently - to fix a braid tip by a thin elastic band and to sprain it under a wicker. Straighten the turned-out fold so that it passed on the center of the head, from the top to a nape. Fix a hairstyle by hairpins, sticking them from top to down and a few obliquely. Such laying without problems will hold on till the evening.

4. It is possible to do the girl hair with small knots, it perfectly will approach bright casual clothes. Comb hair and divide them into a parting at the side. If at the girl the bang is cut off, the hair parting can be not done. Sprinkle locks the fixing spray and distribute it on all length. Then divide hair into four parts and fix by thin elastic bands in tails. Their arrangement on the head can be any.

5. Serially twist tails in plaits, and then curtail in the form of small knots. The ends of hair can be hidden or released outside. Fix small knots by hairpins. Such hairstyle can be decorated with small bright hairpins.

6. For a morning performance or other solemn event do beautiful hair with curls. Sprinkle clean hair thermospray, and then twist electronippers. That curls looked naturally, wind them diversely and slightly raise nippers at roots. Let's curls cool down and shake up them fingers. On the one hand pin an artificial flower or a hairpin with a bow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team