How to do cottage cheese for the child

How to do cottage cheese for the child

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The home-made cottage cheese made by own hands - the most useful product for your child. Cottage cheese is a source of minerals which are necessary for growth of strong teeth and bones of the kid.

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1. The most tasty children's cottage cheese turns out only from home-made yogurt. It is the most useful to chest children and can become a remarkable product of the first feeding up.

2. It is necessary to cook home-made cottage cheese for the child on a water bath. For this purpose take two pans of one size, such that one pan easily entered another, without touching a bottom. Into a big pan pour water, and into smaller home-made yogurt.

3. Place in a big pan small with yogurt and heat on average fire. Through some period you will notice how serum begins to depart. It is necessary to remove accurately it from pan walls to the middle that warming up was uniform everywhere.

4. By means of the thermometer check temperature of dairy mix, it has to make about 60 wasps. If temperature is higher, cottage cheese will lose useful bacteria. As soon as mix heated up to the necessary temperature, remove both pans from fire and leave to stand for about 40 minutes.

5. Further remove the top pan, and in lower, instead of hot, pour cold. Again put a saucepan with liquid cottage cheese, but now in a pan with cold water for about 30 minutes.

6. On the expiration of time pour out of a small pan cottage cheese in a sieve and leave to flow down serum. After cottage cheese is ready put it to cool in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

7. You can make for the children suffering from deficiency of calcium the calcinated cottage cheese. For this recipe take 600 ml of milk, bring to boiling. After that remove from fire and add a tablespoon of chloride calcium, carefully mix. Further put on a cold bath for 15 minutes and well filter the turned-out cottage cheese.

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