How to do hand-made articles of seashells

How to do hand-made articles of seashells

How often, cold winter evenings, you remember summer, the sun, the sea... For certain, at you sea stones or shells somewhere lie. They can find wonderful application - to make some original hand-made article together with the child which will remind of the sea. Though it will be pleasant to adult to work with such remarkable natural material. Besides instead of the stale heap of shells in a package you will find a unique hand-made-product which will decorate the house.


1. Shells can be pasted practically to any surface by means of strong all-purpose adhesive (for example, ""Moment"" - ""especially strong"" will approach). Make with own hands an original frame for the photo made during the holiday. Take the most usual wooden photoframe and by means of glue attach to it shells. Try to dispose them densely to the friend to the friend that there were no blank spaces.

2. Using shells, it is possible to create a card or even a panel. Take a basis - dense paper, cardboard, a canvas. In advance think over composition. Your panel can be abstract or, on the contrary, with the finished plot. It is the best of all if you draw the sketch on which the approximate arrangement of all elements will be designated. The paper basis can be painted any color. For a panel use not only shells, but also any other material - fabric, beads, beads, sand, decorative stones, dry flowers and a grass. It is possible to find huge amount of various materials which will inspire you on creativity in art shops. Them it is possible to fix by means of Moment glue. Usual PVA can paste some elements (easier, than shells). Surely place your panel in a frame.

3. Shells can be used for dressing of a vase, a bottle, a flowerpot or a pencil cup. At first stick around plasticine a bottle surface (or vases), and then press different features, in this case shells there. It is possible to go further - to buy in hardware or art store mix, the Rotgips type. Such basis will create effect of natural shell rock. By means of the pallet apply mix on a product (vase or a bottle) which you want to decorate, and quickly until everything dried up, press shells there.

4. One more idea for an original hand-made article: independently you stick together the necessary form (for example, a pencil cup) from clay (is on sale in office supply stores or in departments for artists). Until the product dried, press shells. To mold from clay absolutely simply - process reminds all familiar for a long time work with plasticine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team