How to do homework with the child

How to do homework with the child

The first days at school — serious test both for the kid, and for parents, especially if the child absolutely house — was not neither in kindergarten, nor in special group of preparation for school. The school can become both loved, and hated. And a lot of things depend on as far as the child is accustomed to serious training. Unfortunately, many parents put it away for later. As a result it is necessary to sit some time with the child in the evenings and to strictly control homeworks.


1. Adjust yourself and the child on the fact that you will not sit with him at lessons eternally. Talk to him that the school is its business and his cares. Of course, school estimates can please or upset parents, but the child for himself studies and then to receive a good profession. Besides, it is interesting to study. You just to it help to accustom to a new situation. It is quite possible that it is necessary to lead such discussion not once.

2. Talk to the teacher — requirements of the house and at school have to be uniform. It is very good if you a little get acquainted with the school program for all objects and also discuss with the teacher what the child has to learn, say, in the next month. Ask the teacher to show you notebooks of those pupils which homeworks are performed according to school requirements. It is possible to ask and just a task sample if it is not in a special workbook.

3. Consider a task sample. Ask the child whether he understood what needs to be done. Take an interest whether he in what way it is possible to perform a task knows. If the child is at a loss — suggest it to think. Only after that prompt the option.

4. The first days it is possible to sit with the child all the time while he performs a task. Have patience. The child anyway has to make lessons. Even if something is impossible to him — do not hurry to be enough a pencil. Just it is better to stop the child and to tell: you incorrectly conduct the line therefore it turns out crookedly, try to conduct it strictly from top to down.

5. In several days, having put the child for lessons and having checked whether he understood the purpose of a task and methods of its performance, leave the room for some time. At you it is full of household chores, and the child rather adult to do homework independently. But periodically you approach to look how there are affairs.

6. At the next stage just remind the child that it is necessary to do homework and ask what is set. Look whether the workplace is correctly prepared. Leave the room or sit down in a chair with the book to be nearby if the child asks something. If he asks a question which you already answered — suggest it to think independently and answer only if the child really strongly forgot. After the child performed tasks, check result. You should do it for a long time. At the last stage you can already remind nothing to the child, and homeworks — to check in the evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team