How to do massage to children

How to do massage to children

In the first months of life the kids communicate in body language. Doing massage to the child, in each touch you give it tenderness and love. Easy strokings by mother's hands will lighten the baby the mood, will calm and will help to relax. According to pediatricians, each child aged about one year has to receive massage.


1. For a start it is necessary to choose the place for performing massage. The sofa or a bed will not approach, they too soft, changing or usual a lunch table – the best option. Only do not forget to lay it a blanket and a clean bed-sheet.

2. Before doing massage it is necessary to air the room. Normal air temperature – up to +22 °C.

3. Hands have to be warm and, of course, clean, with close-cut nails. It is better to remove hours and jewelry.

4. When it is better to do massage? There is no definite answer. It can be both day and evening. Children, as well as adults, are divided into "owlets" and "larks" therefore observe the baby and choose the best time. An indispensable condition – to carry out massage after feeding. In about thirty minutes.

5. During massage it is not desirable to apply powders, but it is possible to use various baby oils. The main thing that the child had on them no allergy. Pound feet of the kid more often, warm up fingers on his legs. It makes active a set of points and will improve work of bodies of the newborn.

6. It is possible to mass ears, approximately on half of minute everyone, to accurately delay a lobe, about ten times down. Such massage strengthens immunity.

7. There are several methods of massage. For example, grinding when at the movement of a hand the fold is ahead formed. Grinding is done by fingers or a fist. At a razminaniye the child's skin is a little raised, delayed and kind of wrung out. Such movements strengthen blood supply and improve a tone of muscles.

8. It is better to complicate massage gradually, since separate parts of a body. Very much it are pleasant to kids when to them iron handles and legs. It is gradually possible to pass to massage of a tummy, breast and back.

9. As a contraindication for performing baby massage inflammatory processes, infectious diseases of skin, the increased body temperature, diathesis and diseases of blood can serve.

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