How to do massage to the child

How to do massage to the child

The general massage contributing to the development of muscles and flexibility of joints needs to be done to all children, especially aged about one year when of their muscular system it is characteristic hyper - or a hypotone of muscles that meets at more than 80% of kids. The revitalizing massage action, its positive influence on physical and nervous development are confirmed by all pediatricians. And also parents can master and do such massage easily.

Massage session for the kid

The main receptions and exercises to you will be shown by your pediatrician. It is possible to begin regular sessions of massage since 1.5-2-h months it is, enough, if you do it once a day – for half an hour to meal or in 40-60 minutes after it. Try that the mood of the kid was good, it is impossible that at this moment he cried or was capricious. Cream, powders or oils it is better not to use, your hands have to be dry and warm. Carry out massage on the equal, laid by soft natural fabric surface. Temperature indoors has to be comfortable.

At first enough simple strokings, grindings and razminaniye of a surface of a body, extremities, palms and feet. Through time of exercise it is possible to complicate, having connected methods of vibration, tingling, pressing. Try not to hurt the child, control efforts, it is desirable not to apply them at all – even easy movements will have all the same notable positive effect.

With special attention mass extremities, exclude sharp movements at massage, hold and protect the child's head from pushes. Massing a back, avoid to concern area of a backbone – impact has to be made only on muscle tissue and joints. Pay attention to reaction of the kid, use more often than a variation of those exercises and receptions which especially are pleasant to it.

Use of various methods of massage

The first and finishing exercise is stroking, by means of this reception skin of the child is warmed, and muscles relax, his body is prepared for carrying out the following exercises. The direction of the stroking movements – on a lymph flow, to the next lymph nodes. Legs stroke in the direction from foot to a groin, and hands – from palms to armpits. The stomach of the kid should be stroked with circular motions clockwise, try not to press on area of the right podreberye where the liver is located. When stroking a breast the right hand you make circular movements around a nipple clockwise, left – counterclockwise. When grinding the kid about one year use only fingertips which have to move at the same time rectilinearly and spiralevidno. Hands and shins pound ring-shaped capture by both hands. Try that your hands, moving in the counter direction, only slid on the surface of skin of the child, but did not squeeze it. Of long muscles on a back, legs and hands do to Razminaniye by shchiptseobrazny movements, using a big, index and middle finger. Fulling is done from feet to hips by two hands, displacing at the same time palms fabric clockwise. About one year the child can do only such methods of vibration as a potryakhivaniye and stirring, after 3 months it is possible to include the patting movements in a complex finger-tips.

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