How to do not miss a fight

How to do not miss a fight

In order that the child could be born, the neck of the uterus has to open not less, than on 10 centimeters. Process of disclosure causes fights – painful feelings in the lower part of a stomach. There is it gradually, duration of process is individual, but to miss fights because of their morbidity rather difficult.


1. As childbirth can begin long before their estimated date specified in the prenatal record listen to the organism, attentively analyzing new feelings. Several weeks prior to childbirth because of change of hormonal level and change by a situation fruit when it falls the head down, there can be false contractions. They differ from patrimonial in short duration. The feeling of tension of a uterus can appear one or twice a day and passes in several hours. Such fights at pregnancy of a diskomfortna, but are painless.

2. To date of childbirth the mucous stopper closing an entrance to a neck of the uterus can closer depart. Therefore, having seen small pieces of slime with blood impregnations, be ready that fights can begin any day.

3. The departed waters also demonstrate that fights will begin in the nearest future. If they do not leak gradually, and depart at once, then volume their rather big not to confuse with usual allocations from a vagina. After it occurred, the kid has to be born no later than in the next day, or independently, or by means of physicians. Its further stay in a uterus without amniotic waters is hazardous to health also of life.

4. It is not difficult to define the fights leading to childbirth. If the time interval between them beginning from 25-30 minutes is gradually reduced and each time it becomes more sore, so time to move forward in maternity hospital came.

5. Do not worry that you will be able accidentally to miss fights if they begin at night. It is impossible to oversleep the beginning of childbirth even if to have very sound sleep. Fights – it is rather sick to wake up.

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