How to drag the child from the computer

How to drag the child from the computer

That the child is fond of the computer there is nothing bad. It is necessary to prick up the ears in case its pastime behind car does not contribute to its development. It is important to parents to notice it in time and to correct behavior of the child.


1. Never use for the child's ottaskivaniye from the computer force, threats.

2. Observe the child. Learn, than he is engaged at the computer. If he plays the games which are not contributing to the development of intelligence in any way - it is time to sound the alarm. But if the child is fond of programming, design or chess, reads textbooks which can seem to you abstruse, do not disturb it. Perhaps, right now it decides on choice of profession for the rest of life.

3. If the child is indifferent to programming, possibly, he just does not know, what is it. Tell it about it. Even at preschool age it can teach to be programmed in the Scratch language that, will perhaps carry away it so that he will forget about usual computer entertainments as process of drawing up programs in this language plays games in a form. Teenagers can be accustomed also to classical languages of programming and also to the hardware Arduino platform.

4. In case the child uses the computer to the detriment of performance of school homeworks, show it, as they can be carried out on the computer. You are surprised how willingly he will begin to do homework.

5. Put on the Linux computer. Many games will cease to be started, and to the child to master management of this OS, willy-nilly it is necessary to develop intellectually.

6. It is known that too long sitting at the computer causes a hypodynamia. It is also known that many children reach for computer facilities only because they are attracted by the equipment in general. Resort to cunning. Accustom the child to a thought that computers are not the only type of the equipment surrounding us. The bicycle - too the technical device, and the odometer installed on it, or, especially, the navigator - than not the small computer? If the child was already fond of Arduino, unostentatiously suggest him to develop the bicycle odometer, and then to test it. For example, during the bicycle slalom competition - than not a game?

7. There is one more way to use aspiration of the child to the equipment in his interests. Write down it in any circle of technical creativity, for example, radio engineering or aviamodel. He will find for the computer much less time, will be accustomed to work, and start of model aircrafts is usually carried out in the fresh air at all.

8. Sometimes it is necessary to drag the child from the computer even in case it at the same time does not do itself(himself) harm. So it is necessary to arrive when the car only one, and parents need to use it. Buy to the child inexpensive phone or the tablet on the Android platform, including, being in the use. With its help he will be able to do almost the same, as on the computer: to study, to program, and even to conduct development for Arduino, and, and in the fresh air. And your computer will be always free.

9. At last, surely accustom the child to gymnastics for eyes. Also you remember that no car will replace to him real-life communication. Pay it more attention and also promote any his communication with friends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team