How to draw a muzzle of a cat on a face

How to draw a muzzle of a cat on a face

In many fairy tales the main characters are cats and cats. At the same time it is not always convenient to operate on the stage in a cardboard or foam mask, in particular if your character has to tell or sing much. It is better to draw a cat's muzzle directly on a face. After the performance the mask can be washed away at once, the benefit a modern make-up quite often becomes water-based.

It is required to you

  • - picture with the image of the actor as a cat;
  • - Aquacolor paints;
  • - theatrical make-up;
  • - soft brushes of different thickness;
  • - palette;
  • - water;
  • - vaseline;
  • - mirror.


1. Pick up the suitable picture. Cats from animated films hardly in this case will suit you, they suit for production of masks more. Find several options of a make-up to the musical "Cats". Among characters for certain there will be an image which will suit also you. If you want to create something special, just look to what parts of the face it is necessary to pay attention.

2. Wash up a face. If you use a make-up, remove it and wipe a face with lotion. If you were going to ornament a children's face, wash your young actor. Wipe skin dry regardless of that, you will impose a face painting or traditional theatrical. In the second case grease a face with vaseline, otherwise then the make-up will be very difficult to be removed. It is more preferable than water-based paint to children. They will not do harm to skin, unlike a usual make-up which can be too rough.

3. Prepare a make-up and with what you will put it. For a face painting still water and a palette as which it is possible to use the sheet of dense white paper is necessary. For a usual make-up it is useful to have near at hand cotton tampons or sticks. At each type of a make-up the advantages. Theatrical you will find many different flowers in a box. In water-based their paints of everything five, but it is possible to mix them.

4. With own face, certainly, it is better for manipulation to carry out in front of the mirror. By white paint designate the space for mustache, having taken a nose tip. This part of a cat's muzzle has the pear-shaped form. It is especially attentively necessary to treat that sidelines turned out symmetric. It is the most convenient to paint over a tip of a nose and edge of his wings, then to conduct a brush on nasolabial folds to mouth corners further to a chin. Having planned contours, paint over internal space white paint. By means of a traditional make-up it is possible to make it both pinkish, and grayish.

5. Circle eyes. It can be done just as you usually bring them, only lines have to be rather thick and be located from above and from below. Prolong the top line almost up to a nose bridge. Then top and lower bring almost to a temple.

6. Make eyebrows thicker. Make the corners directed up over their most convex part. Paint over internal space in black color. Over corners draw 2-3 arches — vibrissa. They have to be symmetrized.

7. Draw mustache. They begin on borders of that part which you already painted over white, and go the dispersing lines towards ears. Mustache have to be symmetrized too. Finish each line approximately on the middle of a cheek. On cheeks put on several points from each party. Paint over black a nose tip.

8. Draw lips with usual lipstick. It is better to take dark red. Contours can be circled with a red pencil, having made lips is slightly wider and longer, than is, centimeter on 3-4 in each party.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team