How to draw the attention of the child

How to draw the attention of the child

It is time to have dinner, and you cannot dozvatsya the kid, or he climbs to the socket, and does not pay any attention to all your shouts? Almost all parents had to come up against a situation when they cannot draw attention of the child in any way. Many adults, seeing that the child does not react to them, begin to raise the voice. As a result the kid takes offense at the fact that mom shouts at him, and she is indignant with the fact that that does not react to her words. And there are ways as it is possible to draw attention, without spoiling mood to either the child, or themselves.


1. In attempts to draw the attention of the child to itself you should not pronounce words command, loud tone. Avoid such expressions: "Listen to me!", "Do as I told!", etc. These expressions do not bear any useful information for the child. If it is necessary to draw you urgently the attention of the child to himself that he did not climb to a hot plate or to the socket, pronounce a word or a phrase having some value for the child. For example, call the child by name, and then make him a remark, but it has to be reasonable and not too long. It is possible to distract attention of the child, having suggested it to show something interesting.

2. You do not shout at it. Some children do not react to loud indignation of adults. They have a protective mechanism from it, they just filter your negative emotions. And even if he will pay attention, then it will be connected with statement loudness, and the sense will escape the kid. You speak with the child it is quiet and sure.

3. The best way to draw the attention of the child to itself or to some subject is a physical contact. Many mothers begin to shout to the kid from far away that he did not climb anywhere or approached mom, but not always he obeys at the same time. Sometimes children are so keen on the occupation that just do not react to the events around them. Therefore it is possible just to approach the child and to touch him, thereby having paid his attention to itself, and then already to tell something.

4. Helps to draw attention and visual contact. Try to catch the child's eye, it is good if at the same time your eyes are at one level (for this purpose you can sit down on hunkers). After you came into contact, tell everything that was wanted to be told. For the best effect you can touch it, embrace for shoulders, take for handles.

5. It is possible to draw attention in playful way. For example, the child refuses to go to have dinner. Instead of a standard phrase "Idi is!" tell: "I prepared a magic dish today!" or "Today we will have the real piracy lunch!". It surely will interest the child and if food is issued unusually, then he to eat everything without the rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team