How to draw the treasure map

How to draw the treasure map

The piastres, doubloons and thalers, chests full of gemstones and gold ingots, and only you know where all this is hidden. You should not rely on memory, draw a detailed plan, and hide the card from public eyes that then somebody found it (your children or friends who wish to fool about and play pirates) and very long solved value of secret symbols.

It is required to you

  • - Parchment paper;
  • - Ink or ink;
  • - Brush or real feather;
  • - Lighter or matches.


1. Take parchment of the necessary size and put with the suitable tool (brush or a feather) site plan where your treasure is buried. If the treasures imagined, then you can represent also the invented island as it is do writers. Do not forget to draw a wind rose and two-three of indexes in the form of skeletons or skulls. Designate the place of a treasure by a red cross.

2. If you want to complicate a task, and a treasure the most real, then you should not specify directly where the treasure is hidden. Think up the branched system of riddles, the correct answers to which will lead the seeker to the purpose, and wrong – will bring to the rotten swamp.

3. As the real platform for search of treasures it is possible to use the seasonal dacha or even the city apartment. Hang out on trees and bushes (on the walls in the apartment) mysterious symbols with hints, and represent their reduced copies on the card. Then owners of the card will have to look for hints, being verified with the plan, and in the end learn where you hid the good.

4. To children is younger offer simpler option, for example, on the one hand draw maps a crossword puzzle. And on the card specify several names – a tree, the mountain, a hole, the small river, etc. (one of these names has to be a keyword in a crossword puzzle). As soon as children solve a crossword puzzle, they will understand where box of chocolates lies.

5. That the picture was full, wait until the drawing dries. With a force compress parchment in a fist. Rub and remember the card to give it an ancient look. It is possible to strew and rub the earth. Tear parchment at the edges, and then set fire (from the edge) and quickly extinguish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team