How to dress a dorodovy bandage

How to dress a dorodovy bandage

The Dorodovy bandage is recommended to be carried to women in 2-3 trimester of pregnancy. During this period the fruit grows quickly, and future mothers can have back pains, fast fatigue and weight in legs. The bandage is created to support a tummy and to unload on a back. Also this adaptation will not allow to appear on skin of women to extensions. Here it is only necessary to put on and carry a dorodovy bandage correctly.


1. Consult the doctor in advance whether it is time for you to carry a bandage. Strongly recommend the doctor to carry a bandage to women: with polycarpous pregnancy, in case of problems with a backbone, to ladies with a varicosity, to pregnant women with abundance of water or with a large fruit.

2. Look in specialized shop for pregnant women what are types of bandages. Conditionally all these products can be subdivided into 3 types: bandage belt, bandage shorts and bandage lacing. Ask the seller to get these models from boxes and to develop them since often according to pictures it is difficult to present a product. Examine all laces, fasteners and velcros. Show consideration for fabric of which the product is made because some types of bandages are put on a naked body.

3. Ask the selling assistant to pick up model of type necessary to you, color and the size. Do not agree to buy "what is", take only the necessary size.

4. Try on and put on a bandage in a prone position. Most of gynecologists recommend to do it in the morning, yet without getting out of a bed. If you already rose and walked round rooms, then can lie down for about 15 minutes and only after that dress a bandage. If model in the form of a tape, then fix velcros at the level of a pubis, and a wide part will pass under a waist.

5. Follow drawings and recommendations on a product box. Correctly fixed bandage has to pass under a stomach and not too strongly squeeze it. Be guided by the feelings. You should not carry a bandage the whole day. Well if you have an opportunity to do to a tummy of "break". Remove a bandage also very accurately. You should not draw aside sharply velcros and hooks, your stomach not an inflatable ball.

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