How to dress dolls

How to dress dolls

The child learns to live in a game. He masters many skills including household. And the doll can help with it. Dressing up a doll, the child remembers that in what order needs to be put on, learns to clasp buttons and buttons.

It is required to you

  • doll
  • hook or needles
  • rags
  • pieces of leather and fur
  • threads for to sew also knittings
  • needles


1. Make a didactic doll for the child. It is the most usual doll with a complete set of clothes and linen. In doll clothes there has to be the same, as at the child. Shorts and T-shirts, tights, woolen trousers, trousers, dress, sweater, coat, hat, scarf, mittens. Sometimes in shop it is possible to buy a doll with such set of clothes, but everything can be sewed and to connect by the hands.

2. The doll usually has an underwear, a dress, socks and shoes. Begin a didactic set of clothes with tights. They can be connected by a hook from "iris" or thick bobbin threads. Most often for small products columns without nakid are used. However it is possible to knit also openwork tights.

3. Knit woolen trousers and a sweater. It is more convenient to make a sweater with a fastener on a shoulder, and trousers have to be with an elastic band. From pieces of fur sew winter boots. Scraps of leather or felt will be suitable for autumn footwear. In general material is not so important, the main thing is to designate what winter boots what – autumn. Further the child will imagine everything. Knit a cap and a scarf. All set of woolen clothes can be connected from the ode and the same yarn. Also woolen socks are necessary, the child wears them.

4. Sew winter clothes from thick fabric or fur, and a light overcoat or a jacket – from raincoat fabric or something like that. Precisely it is not obligatory to observe technology of sewing, you sew toy clothes. The lining can be not done. But externally the clothes have to be very accurate.

5. Explain to the child in what order it is necessary to dress a doll. Usually when clothing on walk the same sequence is observed approximately. At first it is necessary to put on tights and to fill a shirt with a long sleeve. Then socks, woolen trousers and footwear are put on. After that it is necessary to put on a sweater which is accurately filled in trousers. Put on a cap, a coat, tie a scarf and put on mittens. Explain why adults can put on sometimes in other sequence. The child very quickly overheats, sweats therefore he can catch a cold. At the adult the organism is arranged a little in a different way. Besides the adult puts on much quicker and does not manage to overheat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team