How to dress the child for September 1

How to dress the child for September 1

To pick up a beautiful, practical, comfortable dress by September 1 it is difficult. Here it is important to observe etiquette and to satisfy tastes of the child. Not in all educational institutions there is a dress code therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of a set of clothes responsibly.

For September 1 it is necessary to choose clothes not only festive, but also convenient. To the girl who goes to initial classes pick up a dress or a sundress of gray or blue shades, a light blouse or a polo-neck. Put on tights of white color, it is possible with an ornament of monophonic color. Hair can be braided in braids, to make tails or to twist curls and to pin up a lock sideways. Brightness to an image will be added by a bouquet of flowers for the teacher.

Senior pupils can choose an elegant shirt with ruches and a short fashionable skirt. Shoes court shoes on a low heel or flats from suede or leather will become addition. Finish an image a stylish bag and accessories. Here the measure is necessary not to go too far.

The set from tight black trousers and a blouse of light shades will become more comfortable, but not less stylish. To this dress it is possible to get the thin thong and a bag which are picked up in tone to clothes. The most important that all details were in harmony among themselves. Suits of a classical cut are chosen by school students irrespective of in what class they study. It is possible to diversify this option, having put on instead of a jacket a cardigan, a shirt in tone, a tie or a butterfly. Do not forget about shoes of dark color. Boys will suit strict suits with a tie and a light shirt. Perfectly, if parents are able to agree and dress up for September 1 of children schoolmates in suits of one shade. Anyway the jacket, trousers and a tie of dark color will be appropriate. Choose a form from natural fabrics - linen, cotton, silk, wool. These materials freely pass air and are pleasant in a sock. Besides do not contain dyes and allergenic additives. Upon purchase of the order check a lining. It is good if it natural, differently material is electrified. The dress should not constrain movements. Doing fitting, ask the child to sit down, raise hands. It has to be comfortable and convenient to him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team