How to dress the child in April

How to dress the child in April

In April the weather is very whimsical and changeable. For this reason the early spring is called sometimes a season of colds. It is important to learn to dress the child according to weather, not only the convenience, but also health of the kid depends on it.


1. The most widespread mistake which is made by parents, dressing the child on walk - it is excessive warming. There is a poor child wrapped as cabbage and even cannot bend plainly. Excited with games in the fresh air he will sweat, and cool spring wind will blow the baby. It can become easy the beginning of serious cold.

2. In the spring a great option for walks are the jeans clothes. It is rather dense, convenient and functional. If April warm, then add a children's jeans dress with a sweater, a light jacket, a cap and comfortable boots. Buy footwear better leather, with a flexible corrugated sole.

3. For young fans of walks on pools buy rubber boots of a cheerful bright coloring. Having put in them on the kid, you will not worry any more that the baby will get into dirt or will have wet feet, having investigated the next pool. Minus rubber boots – in them legs sweat. Therefore, do not forget to put on the child dense socks from cotton which well absorb moisture.

4. Except that the kidswear is pleasing to the eye a fashionable cut and bright coloring, it has to correspond also to other important characteristics. Buy the things sewed from natural and eco-friendly materials. The clothes have to be easy, convenient and not hold down the movement of the child. Children move much and are often soiled therefore one more important criterion when choosing children's things is their durability and simplicity in leaving. It is good if the bottom edge of a jacket and panties is on a wide elastic band. Such clothes are not lifted up and wind under it does not blow. Check all seams, lightnings and fasteners for durability.

5. April - to April discord therefore the best council – dress children on weather, not too warmly and not too cold. Correctly dressing the child on walk, you care for his comfort and health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team