How to dress the child on weather

How to dress the child on weather

Before each mom surely there is one problem: how it is correct and to dress the child on weather? All know about need to walk every day, and is very offensive when weather to become an obstacle. Actually, it is possible to go out for a walk practically in any weather, the main thing is correct to pick up clothes and time of walk.


1. It is necessary that to the child it was convenient and warm. It is very important not to allow overheating of the baby. Slightly sweated, cold wind – and everything, cold is provided.

2. In the summer at a temperature up to 23 degrees dress the baby in cotton baud, a jacket, a romper suit. If necessary light cotton hat. If temperature is higher – a lung baud with open legs and handles. When absolutely hot, shorts. Always with itself it is necessary to have a diaper or a blanket to cover the child if something happens.

3. In the winter the multiple layers of clothes are very relevant as it gives the chance to take off an excess jacket if the sun looked out and it became warmer. Put on the kid cotton linen (a romper suit with a jacket or baud), then more dense clothes from fleece, wool. From above put on warm overalls or wrap the child in down a scarf and in a fur envelope. The head is protected at first by a cotton thin hat, only then warm. On legs woolen socks, it is possible fur pinetochka.

4. More difficult with kids is more senior. In the summer, if hot, boys dress in shorts, undershirts or t-shirts. Girls in shorts, dresses or too shorts and a t-shirt. On a head surely there has to be a Panamanian. On legs sandals. If it is cool - a jacket with a long sleeve, long panties, panty hoses.

5. Winter the most hard time, is very important to approach clothing carefully here. Ideal clothes for winter walks are overalls. They are not blown, under them snow will not get. Overalls material is very important. It has to be natural, breathing.

6. For warm winter and also spring and falls perfectly will approach light overalls which are simple for erasing and in which not hot. For cold the overalls are necessary more warmly, but it is necessary to select models convenient to whom the kid can easily move. Sleeves and trouser-legs have to be with densely fitting elastic bands that did not blow and inside snow did not jam.

7. What to dress under overalls? At first cotton linen, T-shirt and shorts. Then not a really warm sweater or jacket. On legs panty hoses and socks. On the head put on a warm hat, on a neck tie a scarf. Very convenient models in the form of "pipe", they carry out a role and caps and a scarf. Surely take several sets of mittens in which to the kid it will be convenient, warm and dry.

8. There was the most important – footwear of the kid. How carefully you will pick up footwear, the gait, formation of a leg of the child depends. Any winter or summer footwear has to be convenient, precisely by the size. From fingers to a footwear sock at normally picked up size remains 0.5-1sm. Constantly check that boots did not become small. Children's footwear has to be made only of natural materials that the leg did not sweat, breathed. Choose a sole flexible, corrugated, not too thin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team