How to dress the girl and the boy

How to dress the girl and the boy

Children grow, develop both morally, and spiritually, physically and is moral. But important aspect is also esthetic education of the child. In this sense the considerable value acquires also skill to put on correctly and elegantly. Still process of formation of children's taste and ability to select clothes begins with the childhood though the choice is generally made by parents.

It is required to you

  • patience, feeling of care and love about the child


1. Selecting clothes to the kid again, consult to him that is pleasant to it and what clothes he would like to wear. Also, trying on the next thing on the child, aloud you can comment how it suits him, or on the contrary, the main thing, to explain why, tell what clothes it has to be worn at its age and to be convenient. In the future the child will be guided by the parameters of the choice of new clothes emphasized with you. Also explain that new things are not free, for their acquisition money which are earned with you therefore not all things can be bought at once are necessary. The kid has to learn to select clothes and not to be capricious concerning not bought thing.

2. At selection of new clothes for the girl it is necessary to try to choose dresses, short skirts, blouses, sweaters, additional accessories (bandages, rims, bracelets, handbags) which will remind her that it, the little princess, always has to be well-groomed, accurately and stylish dressed. In this case mom, the sister or the aunt will be an ideal example and image for imitation. You should not buy even if in the early childhood clothes for boys, in subconsciousness of the child there can be this habit and affect future choice or a protest to wear a women's clothing.

3. Dressing the boy, pay attention that at its clothes there have to be not only more constrained tone also clothes shades, but also enough bright things. Traditional clothes of boys are trousers, shorts, shirts, undershirts, t-shirts. The boy's clothes also have to be relevant. Inferiority in the field of the clothes can cause complexes concerning the child's self-assessment. However in certain cases boys like to change clothes in mom's clothes, to try on her footwear. Probably, as well as girls. In this case it is necessary to show to the kid, as men's (female) children's dresses can be bright and brilliant. Whenever possible to buy several fantastic suits of his favourite heroes and to allow to put on their houses in certain time. Or to organize sometimes a theatrical performance of the house. The child will forget about your clothes at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team