How to dress the kid in the winter

How to dress the kid in the winter

The winter is a long-awaited season for fans to play snowballs, to go skating and the sledge and just to roll about in snow. However these winters are full of surprises: the twenty-degree frost can be replaced by thaw, and after slush strike frosts again. Daily, looking out in a window, parents ask a question: how today to dress the kid on walk?


1. The baby in cold season walks in a carriage and practically does not move. Therefore, bringing together him on walk, put on one layer of clothes more, than the adult. At first put on linen (baud or a baby's undershirt), then a cotton romper suit (thin overalls), or swaddle the child in thin knitted and in flannel diapers.

2. Further dress the kid, being guided by temperature outside the window. If on the street from +5 to-5 degrees, it is enough to put on fleece overalls or to wrap the child in a flannelette blanket and then to put it in a fur envelope (from a real fur, for example, from sheepskin). Put on a cotton cap or a kerchief and a warm knitted hat the head. Will protect an overalls hood from wind. On legs - woolen bootees or socks.

3. If air temperature from-5 to-10 degrees, then instead of fleece overalls put on overalls on sintepon and also put the kid in a fur envelope. In case of change of weather conditions during walk take a blanket or a plaid. Stay time on the street should not be more than 2-2.5 hours. At air temperature below 10 degrees it is not recommended to walk with babies.

4. The child is more senior, second or third of life, on walk actively moves and plays. Therefore as outerwear pick up to it overalls from lighter material, than sheepskin, but not less warm. Today such fillers of a winter kidswear as goose down, isosoftware and holofiber are relevant. At this age the overalls consisting of panties and a jacket are comfortable. It has to be the corresponding size, not holding down the movement, but also not too big as much as possible to keep heat. It is desirable that the top of overalls was made of windproof and water-repellent fabric.

5. By all means observe the same principle of multiple layers, as in a case with the baby. Underwear has to be from 100% of cotton fabric. It is possible to use also a layered clothing, especially at low temperatures. The layered clothing will protect the child both from overcooling, and from overheating. In frosty weather put on in addition knitted jacket or a jacket from fleece. At a temperature up to-5 degrees it is enough to put on a polo-neck. Also do not forget about warm socks on legs and mittens or gloves on handles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team